Intraoral Camera

The Intraoral camera is the latest in oral technology. Using this camera is an easy effective way we can give you a “tour” of your mouth live on a TV screen. We also use the camera to guide you through your dental diagnosis and treatment options, keeping you at the center of your treatment plan.

Our cameras also help identify and diagnose early cavities so that treatment of these cavities can be completed earlier, resulting in smaller fillings with less tooth structure loss.  Many of these early cavities can be comfortably completed without shots!  Early diagnosis and treatment is important to maintaining a healthy mouth.

Another feature of our high tech cameras is in the treatment and diagnosis of gum disease.  Our cameras can monitor gum disease and can easily show the changes over time in inflammation, plaque, and calculus control. This is helpful in determining if treatment is progressing as it should and can help inform our patients on areas where more focus is needed.

We want you to feel informed every step of the way, so you can make smart choices for your oral health and smile.

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