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Teeth Whitening for $99


This is an incredible offer that we are happy to extend to any of our current existing patients or new patients.  Zimbi Dental offers the Polus whitening system which is the latest in tooth whitening technology that will whiten your teeth to their natural whiteness in a minimal amount of time with little to no sensitivity!  After receiving a full exam to determine if your teeth are able to be sucessfully whitened, treatment is usually only about 45 mins.  Conditions that could complicate the ability to receive a good whitening result include extensive existing dental work (fillings and crowns) in the front teeth, untreated tooth decay (cavities), and gum disease.  Whitening may still be an option, but may have limitations or may require other dental treatment before or after whitening.  We will be happy to discuss this with you prior to any treatment since we want to achieve the best possible results for your smile.

The whitening system that we use results in the best whitening results with the least amount of after whitening sensitivity.  Most patients report little to NO sensitivity during or after whitening!

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