$65 New Patient Special


$65 New Patient Special!!

For a limited time, new patients will qualify for our new patient special which includes:

–  Full Exam and Treatment plan.  This includes a printed treatment plan for any treatment needed, and an estimate of what your portion will be after your insurance is billed.  No matter what the condition of your mouth and teeth are currently, Dr. Wagstaff will thoroughly discuss any treatment options and answer any questions you may have about your dental health. We can help you restore or maintain a healthy mouth and smile.

– Diagnostic Digital bitewing X-rays.  These X-rays are needed to check the health of your bone and gums that support your teeth.  The are also used  to check for cavities in-between the teeth that may not be visible in your mouth.  Finding and treating areas of concern early will result in a healthier mouth and teeth and a lot less dental work down the road.  Let us help you keep your smile.

– Regular Cleaning.  We will include a regular cleaning with our new patient special in the absence of gum disease.  If your gums have signs of gum disease, which includes calculus (Tartar) under the gums, deep pockets in the gums around the teeth, and inflammation or bleeding of your gums, you may need further treatment that cannot be addressed properly with a regular cleaning.  These are signs of periodontal disease which, if left untreated, can result halitosis (bad breath), in loosening of the teeth and eventually having teeth fall out.  This is a serious condition which can also lead to heart disease as well as other serious health conditions.  We can provide treatment for this disease and we will be happy to discuss your specific conditions and treatment options at your new patient exam. We  will also include the  treatment for periodontal disease in your printed treatment plan.

We look forward to helping you achieve your optimal dental health and help you get your smile back on display!

Take the first step to a better smile. Give our office a call today!